I know, I know.  another woodworking blog.  Well, why not?

My intentions are to document some of my projects, and problems, and maybe impart a few tips for all those other woodworkers out there. 

A little  about myself.  I have been a woodworking hobbyist since 2008 and an avid online woodworking reader/watcher.  Yes I’m that guy reading and watching without comment, here is where I feel a little more comfortable expressing my views and commenting on various woodworking topics.  I will freely admit that I have a problem.  I love woodworking, all kinds of woodworking, you name it and I have an interest.  I seem to wander from topic and project to topic and project.  I do try to occasionally stop and build something, only to discover that I have found a new subject of interest.

It all started when my wife and I went shopping for a china hutch for our dining room.  After several weeks and many stores, including a couple of custom order shops, we decided that we couldn’t find one that we liked that was anywhere near our price range.  Enter stage right…  Norm to the rescue.  While watching the “New Yankee Workshop” one Saturday afternoon I looked at my wife with confidence thinking that I’m a pretty handy guy and said “You know I think I can build what we want for what we have to spend…” and so the adventure began.

With a lot of positive reinforcement from Norm and Roy via the TV, and a set of plans from the new Yankee website, I started to construct a hutch.  It took me most of a year of sporadic nights and weekends with a whole lot of swearing but I did it.

Hutch for wife

Along the way I found some pretty good company.  Marc, The Wood Whisperer; Shannon, The Renaissance Woodworker; Bob, at the Logan Cabinet Shoppe ; Matt’s Basement Workshop; and many others.  All with the same interest in woodworking and the desire, some might say passion, to create, to build something with our own hands.

As I stated at the beginning I plan to document some of my more interesting projects with the hope of providing a little entertainment for those like me who are addicted to learning about how others go about this great adventure.