Now that we got the welcome stuff out-of-the-way let’s get to the first project.

So like a lot of woodworkers I have taken to making some Christmas presents and since I have six nephews, all around the same age they tend to get similar gifts.  So the year before last they got puzzle boxes courtesy of a book/DVD combo Puzzle Boxes by Jeff Vollmer which they loved.  I highly recommend it.  This year I wanted to make something they would love just as much and would also scratch a woodworking itch, remember I am an addict and love just about all things woodworking.


 Yep, you guessed it, wooden gear clocks! Six of them.  Now that think about it I may have been pushing the limits of common sense, but, you have to admit they are very cool.

Of course I had planned on starting these about mid summer and working through the fall taking my time and just enjoying the process. 

Ya right, are you kidding!  Well, wouldn’t you know with one thing or another I didn’t actually get started until Thanksgiving week. I know, I know, a little over four weeks to complete six clocks that I know nothing about, have I mentioned I procrastinate.

Anyway, to make things even more interesting I (in a moment of brilliance) decided that not only was I making wooden gear clocks, but I was going to make my own plywood from which to cut the gears.

So now is the time that I should probably mention that I have very few power tools.  A band saw, scroll saw, drill press, and the cheapest table saw that Sears has ever made, I avoid using it if at all possible and it tends to be folded up and put under a work bench.  Notice, no power jointer, no planer, and definitely no drum sander. 

In the next post I will walk through my plywood process and all that entails.